Thursday :: Sep 8, 2016

Here Comes the Trump Fluffing

by Deacon Blues

Yes, NBC’s resident pussy Matt Lauer was Donald Trump’s bitch last night during the alleged Commander In Chief forum. While Lauer pinned Hillary against the wall for the first ten minutes of her half-hour with questions about emails, and cut her off during responses on the actual commander in chief issues, he let Trump lie and evade during the last half-hour with some softball questions.

You can send Lauer a set of official Trump knee-pads for Christmas. Unfortunately, NBC’s Lester Holt is the moderator for the first presidential debate, and since NBC is in the bag for Trump, perhaps you should buy two pairs of kneepads while you are at it.

Trump’s assertion that he could tell by body language that his CIA briefers were communicating agency displeasure with the White House was in itself a presidential disqualifier, and it has been roundly rebutted today by various sources. Trump’s own team misbehaved at the briefing, which calls into question why Trump should get any further in-person briefings from this point onward.

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