Friday :: Sep 9, 2016

Letting It Slip Away

by Deacon Blues

I understand the need to raise money and make sure the DNC and state parties are well-funded for the final 60 days. And it is laudable that Hillary Clinton spent most of August fundraising for the national and state parties. But is also true that by doing so, Team Clinton left the battlefield at a critical time to raise those monies, and missed a chance to cement into place a negative narrative on Trump, and also failed to tie him to the GOP Senate incumbents that Democrats need to knock off in order to retake the Senate.

The result? Trump is pulling closer to Clinton nationally and in key swing states, as she squanders all of her lead that was built up right after the conventions, and the Senate is slipping away from the Democrats now as well. So what you are left with is a 2017 GOP Congress, ready perhaps to enable a President Trump. And one day we’ll look back at August 2016 and mark that as the month Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party gave away the election that destroyed the country.

Because if Team Clinton is counting on the debates and their messaging and money to win this thing, then she is toast. Trump will outperform the low expectations people have for him in the debates. Clinton’s messaging sucks and still 60 days out has no simple reason for her candidacy. And money has proven largely irrelevant so far in this cycle given how much Clinton has spent to be tied with a reality TV laughingstock.

Blind hatred, with nothing to rebut it, can easily overcome money.

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