Monday :: Sep 12, 2016

The Clinton Rules Election

by paradox

As Paul Krugman recently noted Election 2016 has taken a nauseating meander down Election 2000 memory lane, an evolution of barking GOP cacophony endlessly broadcast into a phony stupid reality that burdened the United States with the worst president we have ever had.

Our vaunted journalism corps has no memory, an extremely useful and necessary mental condition for chronic failure and dysfunction (been duped by that sleazy toad Trey Gowdy for a year by a sham committee meant to knife Hillary Clinton? Never mind!), but ordinary functional citizens still clearly remember Al Gore Invented The Internet.

Of course Vice President Gore never said it, but the primary issue is of a gullible, unintelligent, vapid back of infuriating American journalists who let a claim of pure imagination become actual political reality. Oh well! is their comic professional response.

Paul Waldman of the Washington Post outlined Election 2016 professional failure and stupidity as The Clinton Rules, a cute little list of disgusting behaviors that rankly rationalized persecuting Secretary Clinton. See, we’re professional objective arbiters of truth, except when it comes to the Democratic nominee, then we’re gullible clowns lead around by the nose from Republican political hacks.

[opens hands helplessly] Seriously. There is no mechanism to hold the New York Times or Washington Post accountable, it’s open common knowledge they cannot even be close to professional covering Secretary Clinton, yet they then proclaim a sunny day of accomplishment every morning and proceed to fall professionally flat on their face yet again. Every day, year after year.

Must be nice. I’m sure the rest of us can waltz into our boss’s office and gravely intone rank disgusting failure over multiple years, hey no worries man. I can’t do my job but where’s my raise, my nice clothes, my professional status, my money? Not only that, keep trusting me with the truth!

The Clinton email story is out control, the Washington Post admitted, something plainly clear when Bernie Sanders said it a year ago! Couple this with a stupefying nonchalance to the screaming Trump/Biondi scandal and a horrifying “tightening” of the polls and blasting fusillade of withering criticism recently crashed into the New York Times consciousness, Paul Krugman leading the way.

You’re being mean partisans was the gallingly stupid, whiny response from the New York Times. No, my dear citizens of failure, ego and comically stupid response to criticism, we are demanding for the love of everlasting god that you professionally do your jobs! You stupidly insist there must be a Clinton email story yet ignore the plain Trump/Biondi bribery!

Well? Sincere good Democratic citizens who live accountability and truth every day as plain survival mechanisms want an answer as to how this incredible reality exists. What is it? The Clinton Rules? Journalists Have No Memory?

Go ahead, “professional” corporate reporters and yapping heads on television, go ahead and act like everyone doesn’t see what clowns you are and so nicely shove down some alternate reality of Republican talking points on the Today show. Or be Trey Gowdy’s dog at the New York Times. Or act like the vicious fantasy of Election 2000 never happened and repeat it 16 years later.

No one likes these candidates sneered one of the most infuriating “journalists” in our age, Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post. I’ve got news for you, pal, it’s nothing like the searing disgust held for yapping oblivious screw-up “journalists” precisely like yourself, if politicians are in the public doghouse you’re the fleas in the cheap carpet, god may all the light of universe somehow, in some way illuminate to them how disgusted the public is with this infuriating failure.

Hey New York Times, since you’ve clownishly blown the Trump/Biondi bribery scandal I have a job for you. Yes, I do, answer and be accountable to someone, it’s a necessary and good evolution in life, an obvious fact given your constant stupid failures.

Show me the Clinton email story. Seriously, after 18 months and that ludicrous evolution of being Trey Gowdy’s stupid dog surely you must have something, anything. Well?

Alleged dishonesty over inane classification in a tiny number of mails is no story, I’ll help you out. The Clinton email story is one of ludicrous continuous professional failure in multiple dimensions, that is now clearly plain to all. Until we get that answer and story none of your rationalizations as failures will work. Is that finally clear?

The last time our journalism corps pulled this little stunt we got George Bush. When you’re lying, stupid oblivious failures in your profession I guess it doesn’t mean much to them if your foist Donald Trump on us this time.

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