Monday :: Sep 19, 2016

Christie Knew About Bridge Closure

by Deacon Blues

Under the category of "Duh", federal prosecutors this morning agreed with defense attorneys in their opening arguments in the trial of Christie aides that Governor Chris Christie did in fact know about the lane closures at the George Washington Bridge, and knew they were political retaliation. And worse yet, he would have known that his staff were ignoring the public safety pleas from the Fort Lee mayor, which in and of itself would be grounds for impeachment.

And Chris Christie is the likely chief law enforcement official in any Donald J. Trump administration. Perfect symmetry there.

But hey, Trump's army of deplorables now own the national GOP, so once Trump wins, the country will get a corrupt and conflicted president and vice-president, an Attorney General who should be doing time himself, and one political party in total hock to millions of people who think corruption and lies are only attributable to Democrats.

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