Tuesday :: Sep 27, 2016

Doing What Jeb, Cruz, Walker, (fill in GOP loser here) Couldn't Do

by Deacon Blues
Image courtesy of PollingReport.com

How bad did Trump do last night? Trump and his people are complaining about his microphone, the moderator, and how easy they went on Hillary. Hell his stupid surrogates are even talking about no more debates. Pussy.

In truth, apart from Trump’s well-placed jabs at Hillary on trade, The Donald had his balls handed to him last night, and no amount of threats from Trump or his serial-philanderer surrogates like Rudy Giuliani about what will come in the next debate hide the fact that Clinton did what she needed to do: stop Trump’s momentum in its tracks, and focus the issue back onto temperament and qualifications.

It is truly hypocritical for multiple-marriage cheaters like like Trump and Rudy Giuliani to be attacking Hillary Clinton on her marriage. When Trump and Giuliani attack her on Bill's infidelity and her treatment of Monica Lewinsky, she should simply say "Men who live in glass houses with multiple wives shouldn't cast the first stone."

Now all Hillary needs to do is come up with a better response on trade in general, and the Trans Pacific Partnership specifically. She could start by saying that:
-NAFTA was negotiated not by her husband but by Bush 41;
-Bush 43 helped usher China into the WTO, not Bill;
-In both cases, a GOP Congress failed to support American workers;
-Barack Obama wanted the TPP;
-As Secretary of State, her job was to sell it as “the gold standard”;
-Three years after leaving Foggy Bottom, she isn't responsible for the final TPP;
-As a presidential candidate, she is free to renegotiate deals as she and Congress see fit.

There, done.

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