Tuesday :: Nov 1, 2016

A Crap Shoot

by Deacon Blues

I'd like to tell you that last week's sabotage by FBI Director James Comey won't have an effect on the final outcome next week, no matter how the polls may narrow the remainder of this week, but I can't do that. The lethal impact of Comey's despicable action was two-fold: it served Trump's explicitly-stated purpose of deflating the enthusiasm of Clinton's voters, and also helped the GOP beat back Democratic momentum to obtain real gains in Congress. So we now face the real possibility of a narrow outcome next week, where either 1) Clinton scratches out an electoral college win but gets a hostile GOP congress; or 2) a President Trump and a GOP congress crash the economy and take us back into the dark ages.

Either way, Comey and the Trump electorate own the destruction coming our way.

Brexit proved that a compliant media, an angry and ignorant white electorate, and a deceptive and continually-lying campaign can make democracies and market economies self-destruct. We may be about to see the same thing here next week.

Update: I think we now have proof that parts of the FBI are gunning for the Clinton's and intent on helping Trump.

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