Saturday :: Nov 12, 2016

Clearing the Fog

by Steve

Nothing snaps you out of a funk quicker than knowing the virtue and essential value in being part of a principled opposition. It's disconcerting yet energizing to see such rank nepotism, naked hypocrisy, rampaging bloodlust, and alarming insularity manifest themselves so easily and so early with Trump and those around him.

The same people who railed against imaginary conflicts of interest with the Clinton Foundation now see no problem with having your kids run your companies with no degree of separation from your official acts. The same people who railed against an alleged Clinton cabal of immorality can only surround themselves with an inner circle of advisors with an ingrained DNA of infidelity, immorality, and entitlement.

And that's just the incoming inner circle. We haven't yet addressed the already-evident bloodlust inside the GOP to blow up Obamacare as soon as possible, without a plan to immediately replace it and without any concern for the millions of Trump supporters that will be harmed. We haven't addressed the conflict inside the GOP about infrastructure spending, tax policy, and remaking Medicare and Medicaid, let alone immigration. All we do know is that Mike Pence has already ensured that the Koch Brothers will be at the table for all final decisions, including the Supreme Court and Cabinet, so the confirmation process for all needs to be fully-engaged by a not necessarily loyal opposition.

Oh, and foreign policy under Michael Flynn and Jeff Sessions? It'll be something akin to kids playing with matches.

So perhaps it'll be fun after all to stick around and be part of the opposition again. My advice for others, after I myself have now crawled out from under the first several days of overwhelming gloom and depression is to look around for others like you and find opportunities to connect and become part of the Americans in Exile, right here at home. I and the Left Coaster are not going anywhere, and you as always are welcome to stay around.

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