Sunday :: Nov 13, 2016

The Deplorables Take Power

by Steve

One wonders how functional the Trump White House will be, with a Reince Priebus as Chief of Staff and Steve Bannon as Chief Strategist. As evidenced by some of Trump’s other personnel moves already, it will be more of the same nativist, anti-immigrant, anti-gay, and anti-African American tone and policies that dominated the campaign.

But of course to many millennials, both choices were equally bad on Tuesday. Yup.

If your first overseas reach-outs are with the French and British nativist parties, you can see the makings of a new nationalist alliance between Trump and fellow travelers in those countries at the same time he talks down NATO.

If you hire Ken Blackwell, anti-gay measures will be on the menu, as well as more voter suppression efforts against those of his own race, like those he engineered in Ohio to deliver the 2004 election to George W. Bush.

If you hire Kris Kobach, we can expect the Trump administration to indeed push the hard anti-immigrant, anti-African American agenda. Trump himself confirms today that he’ll immediately deport or imprison 3 million immigrants.

And somehow Priebus, who couldn’t get the RNC to follow his own post-2012 prescription to fix the GOP, is now expecting to successfully manage this group, now loose in the Oval Office? Sure. Remember that Priebus is allegedly being put into this job to be the "Establishment" presence that makes if safe for the rest of the party to come aboard Trump's "Make America Great Again" effort. I'm predicting that Priebus will fail to contain the far-right impulses and agenda from this group.

The makings of a GOP overreach are already coming together. All Democrats need to keep asking are "How does this make America great again?" and "How does this help the working class?"

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