Monday :: Nov 28, 2016

Cabinet Selection for Idiots

by Deacon Blues

I have no idea why certain people in Trump’s orbit have the knives out for Mitt Romney, especially if it is for the silly reason that Romney said mean things about Trump’s candidacy. The campaign that made an art form out of ugliness wants to now complain about people who trashed them during the campaign? Really?

The problem for Trump is that once you parade Romney, Senator Bob Corker, and David Petraeus through the process like circus animals, it makes it all the harder and laughable to end up selecting a bottom-dweller like Rudy Giuliani or John Bolton. So despite what Kellyanne or the rest of the crazies think, it’s going to be one of those three, because Trump can’t afford not to pick one of them now.

By the way, all you need to know about Kellyanne is that she thinks Trump is "brilliant."

And if you are going to read one piece today, make it this one from the Post’s E. J. Dionne, who correctly points out the ethical dilemma the GOP faces if they don’t hold Trump to the standard they held Hillary to. Of course, the GOP will ignore their rhetoric and let Trump get away with high crimes and misdemeanors, because he’s a white male Republican and not a Clinton.

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