Tuesday :: Jan 17, 2017

Let Trump Hang Himself

by Steve

I've largely tried to avoid commenting about Trump during the transition period out of a desire to focus solely on what the cretin does once he's officially the president, because trying to deal with the outrage daily serves no purpose with someone who has the emotional IQ of an adolescent. With his ascension now only days away, several comments are in order.

I wish John Lewis had not raised Trump's illegitimacy so early and gotten into a knife fight like this. A better response would simply have been to say that he is avoiding the inauguration weekend out of a concern that Trump was aided and abetted by a hostile foreign power, and that he was awaiting the results of a congressional inquiry to confirm his suspicions and Trump's potential illegitimacy. There is more than enough in what Christopher Steele has dug up, and in Putin's own reactions to the allegations that will be impeachable, without going the extra step of calling him illegitimate now. Clearly, Putin has unwittingly impaired his asset by his ham-handed defense of Trump and confirmed the worst fears of people like John McCain and other GOP senators that Lewis could simply let circumstances evolve to make his case for him without overstepping like this.

Trump will come into office already so unpopular that he has no margin for error with his initial actions. The public is already against any Trump and Koch Brothers' attack upon the Environmental Protection Agency. The public already has ethical concerns about him. And he'll be messing with the Affordable Care Act just as it is finally popular with the public, and then be saddled with the horrendous aftermath. His behavior and statements will generate an endless stream of negative messages from overseas. And this is all before Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell begin sending him their unpopular hit list of rollbacks in Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, tax giveaways, and other things that the electorate never voted for. In short, Trump is destined to be a failure who will crash and burn of his own doing, and Democrats need to avoid overstepping and simply help the man hang the anvil around his neck.

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