Friday :: Jan 27, 2017

Already a Laughingstock

by Deacon Blues

As disquieting as Trump’s first week has been, let’s remember that he’s simply doing what he said he would do. He’s just 1) dead wrong on almost all counts; and 2) doing it like the narcissistic amateur he is.

In this administration, emotional and half-baked tweets and outbursts pass for policy pronouncements, which are then walked back by his staff after this team is exposed for being the Romper Room they are. To the Trump team, this is simply posturing as part of negotiating, and unrelenting noise to please the base and keep adversaries and the media off balance. But it comes at the expense of American credibility and alliances around the globe. Only the woebegone Teresa May in Great Britain, she herself on borrowed time, ties herself to Trump openly; the rest of our allies are watching what is unfolding in disdain, while China and Russia laugh behind closed doors. As an example, how pathetic is it to have Nikki Haley spew macho nonsense at the UN today?

Trump can’t impose an import tax on Mexico without tearing up NAFTA, yet he sets fire to the relationship anyway because he’s a cardboard tough guy in his day job. As someone who works in the business world doing negotiations for a living, we feast upon chumps like Trump. Although the current regime in Mexico may not have the skills or mettle to punish and outmaneuver Team Trump, you can bet there are others ready, willing, and able to do so.

And God help him if he doesn’t deliver on his promised jobs: according to his poll numbers, Trump has no margin for error.

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