Friday :: Feb 10, 2017

Stop Being a Baby

by Deacon Blues

With the leader of the free world acting like a child, it's important to remember that:

1. Most of Trump's core supporters actually want a dictator running the country, as long as they are not themselves hurt by it;
2. Trump is his own worst enemy, with no interest in actual governing;
3. His hand-picked staff are ill-equipped to lead a government and believe chaos gives them power;
4. It is Trump himself who is making the country less safe, and not the courts.

If Trump truly cared about making the country safe and wasn't so invested in manipulating fear to maintain power, his administration would rewrite the executive order now and re-issue it immediately along the lines of what the courts have said. It's a relatively simple fix.

But that assumes that Trump actually cares about security, when in fact all he cares about is Trump.

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