Thursday :: Feb 16, 2017

More Lies From the Podium

by Deacon Blues

"To be honest, I inherited a mess. It's a mess."
--President Second Place, today, with a straight face.

If a totally-unqualified person became president and thought the job was nothing but ego-inflating performance art, it would still be possible for that fraud to succeed if behind that charlatan there was a crackerjack staff capable of day-to-day governance.

Unfortunately, we have the Trump administration, where bald-faced lies told from the podium are standard operating procedure, and the staff, such that it is, have shown no ability yet to carry out the responsibilities of the executive branch. Worse yet, the commander in chief doesn't care that his political capital here at home and currency as the leader of the free world abroad are eroded every time he puts on a show like today's.

And he doesn't care one bit, because he knows the Beltway Republicans will never lift a finger to stop this train wreck.

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