Friday :: Feb 24, 2017

Deprive Trump of Media Coverage

by Deacon Blues

After several mainstream news organizations busted the White House yesterday for attempting to influence the FBI's investigation of Russian involvement in the Trump presidential campaign, the administration today barred selected media from the televised daily press briefing. In so doing, woebegone Sean Spicer only had to deal off-camera with right wing press and other mainstream press that were willing to whore themselves to the White House fascist manipulation of a free press. Spicer and the Trump team laughingly thought that by only talking to the sheeple, they could avoid getting hammered for what obviously was an attempt at obstructing justice.

This followed another Trump lie-fest at CPAC this morning.

If the White House really thinks they are being tough guys here, then perhaps the mainstream media outlets should stop attending the press briefings and deprive Trump of the one thing he needs to live: media attention. Why send your best reporters and editors to a daily lie-fest from Spicer and the rest of the fascists when you can instead turn your assets loose on digging up as many leaks and negative stories as possible? Let the White House see what it is like to fend off the torrent they themselves created when they clumsily cut themselves off from the opportunity to spin these stories in real time.

Steve Bannon and Trump think they are so clever, when in fact they are both nothing but small men in every sense of the word.

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