Sunday :: Mar 5, 2017

Without Adult Supervision

by Steve

Through DailyKos, ABC News reported this weekend that a pissed-off Donald Trump, angry at not knowing in advance that AG Jeff Sessions was recusing himself from investigations over Russia’s ties to the president, had his Chief of Staff and Chief Strategist booted off the weekend plane to Florida. This left the president with only his family around, and led to Trump’s paranoid tweets about imaginary Obama wiretapping against Trump, which have been debunked by Obama, former DNI James Clapper, and now FBI Director James Comey.

If the ABC News story is true, and Trump ditched Priebus and Bannon this weekend and left himself with only Jared Kushner, Ivanka, and other underlings to constrain him, only to see Trump soil himself with this mental instability, what does this tell us about whether this man can be trusted at all?

Update, Monday March 6th: And what proof does Trump and his lackeys like lying snake Kellyanne Conway and clueless nitwit Sarah Huckabee claim to have? Trump has "information" that it is true. Just like he had information that Obama had a false birth certificate in Hawaii.

Trump is so warped that he rejects James Comey's assertion that it isn't true. So if the commander in chief is so paranoid that he believes the voices in his head over the same FBI director that got him into office, then it's time for people of conscience to resign. Since Comey himself was floored at Trump's tweets and has now seen Trump summarily reject FBI requests to withdraw the allegation of Obama wiretapping, then let the FBI Director go first.

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