Thursday :: Mar 9, 2017

Remember, No Difference Between Hillary and Trump

by Deacon Blues

Like dummies about to step on a rake and get hit in the face, Trump Republicans are about to seal their fate with the electorate. First, Senate Republicans want to ignore the rules allowing only budget issues to pass through “reconciliation” with only a majority vote and instead want to blow up the entire Obamacare program through a simple majority, rather than being forced to get past a filibuster 60-vote threshold to undo actual policy.

Now the new EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, a whore for the Koch Brothers, is publicly denying climate science and the effect of carbon on the Earth’s atmosphere, as a pretext for wiping out his agency’s commitment to stopping global warming. Pretty soon, Pruitt will be rolling out the “Welcome Polluters” doormat at the front lobby of the EPA.

But these are not the only dummies who deserve scorn.

I want the millions of millennials who stayed home last November because they couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Hillary to wear this. You saps actually thought there was no difference between Trump and Clinton, and whined and sulked and stayed home because you couldn’t vote for Bernie. Now you get to watch the country and the planet be destroyed, as well as your personal health and finances be sacrificed on the altar of corporate greed, all because you couldn’t hold your nose and vote for Hillary.


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