Tuesday :: Mar 14, 2017

24 Million Victims

by Deacon Blues

You would normally assume that a lethal Congressional Budget Office analysis that confirms Paul Ryan's wet dream of blowing up a Great Society entitlement program costs 24 million victims their health care would kill that proposal.

But then, you don't know Ryan and the GOP's bloodlust for getting the scalp of Obamacare, even if there are 24 million victims from that travesty.

Make no mistake, there is no guarantee that Ryan can get a bill out of the House now, with the news of the CBO's analysis, nor is there any guarantee that Mitch McConnell can get 50 votes for a Mike Pence tiebreaker to pass a bill back to the House for a conference committee. But do not be surprised if both the White House and Congressional Republicans blow up four decades of congressional rules to kill off Obamacare, primarily because the Trump White House has gone all in to use its limited political capital to get the Ryan plan through, and we know Trump won't let 24 million screwed Americans get in the way of saving face.

And the only way for Ryan and Trump to get it done now is to break the rules surrounding reconciliation bills and let the GOP kill off Medicaid as we know it with only a simple majority vote.

The White House is putting its political capital behind the Ryan proposal, however, sending emissaries to the Hill and meeting with skeptical lawmakers — including Cruz, who went to the White House on Thursday along with a small group of conservatives.
Among the commitments White House staff members have pledged to support is a series of amendments at the budget panel later this week, according to one senior White House official. But special budget rules established more than four decades ago make that plan impossible to fulfill.

So Trump and Ryan will simply break those rules, so that Ryan can bag an entitlement program, and Trump can claim savings that will immediately go into funding the Pentagon and the tax cut for the rich.

This will not end well for Trump, or the GOP.

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