Friday :: Mar 17, 2017

Lies, Damn Lies, and Trump

by Deacon Blues

In the latest pathetic effort to avoid admitting his boss lied in a tweet two weeks ago, White House Crap-Spewer Sean Spicer told another lie yesterday in claiming that a secretive British intelligence agency did Barack Obama's wire-tapping of Donald Trump. Without concern for his own credibility or that of his boss, Spicer indicated it must be true because a crackpot on Fox News said it was so.

The British were not amused, and immediately fired back privately last night and publicly later to demand the misinformation stop, and allowed for a full repudiation of the claim by several spokespersons. Several media outlets have since reported that the White House through both Spicer and National Security Advisor General H. R. McMaster directly apologized to the British.

And then Trump himself blew it all up again by refusing to apologize this morning in front of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, saying that the White House did nothing wrong in repeating crap from Fox News.

By the end of this day, it will become painfully clear to Merkel, the Brits, and the rest of our key allies that the current president is a despicable, unstable partner not worthy of serious attention or respect.

It is already clear from Trump's emasculation of Rex Tillerson and the State Department through budget cuts and unfilled key appointments that foreign policy under Trump isn't a serious endeavor. This not only undermines America's role in the world irreversibly, but also makes a mockery of Tillerson's statements about North Korea or Trump's trade agenda with other countries, none of whom will take him or his administration seriously from now on. Why for example would any ally sign up with Trump for a military attack upon North Korea or any other target?

Just because Trump and his lackeys in Congress are stupid enough to sink themselves with self-inflicted wounds over repealing Obamacare and pushing a budget that savages those that voted for them doesn't mean our allies will heed our call anymore for the next war or "coalition of the willing." Thanks to Trump, our international political and moral capital is now gone.

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