Monday :: Mar 20, 2017

The "Single Mom of Two in Detroit" Attack

by Deacon Blues
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On a day when FBI Director James Comey confirmed what we already knew, that 1) Donald Trump lied about Obama wiretapping him, and 2) the FBI is investigating Russian ties to the Trump campaign, a new Gallup poll shows the president’s approval has fallen under 40%.

Political capital? What political capital?

Keep in mind these numbers are before the full public debate, short-circuited as it will be, of TrumpCare and TrumpGrab, the president’s health care and budget plans to Make America Great Again.

But while Democrats flail around on Trump and the Russians, which is really nothing more than a massive money laundering operation, Trump is keeping focused on getting the Supreme Court back into the hands of Corporate America with Justice Gorsuch, while he is also gutting regulations on climate change, at a time when two-thirds of those polled want him not to, and at a time when nearly half of registered voters are “very concerned” about climate change.

My worry is that the Democrats are missing the real issues right under their noses, even as OMB Director Mulvaney gave them the roadmap last week in selling Trump’s harsh budget cuts, where he tried miserably to justify all sorts of cuts by using the “Single mom of two in Detroit” metaphor. Mulvaney’s lame defense that he and Trump care about wasting taxpayers’ money with programs for the poor should be thrown back into the administration’s face on everything.

How does cutting Medicaid and social programs to pay for tax cuts for the rich help that single mom of two in Detroit? How does jacking up the Defense budget by $54 billion help that single mom of two in Detroit? Why does cutting environmental and public health protection and climate change activities help that single mom of two in Detroit?

Why does Trump feel a $54 billion Pentagon increase without identifying what it’s for guarantees that “money will be used in a proper function” whereas spending on the poor, health care, and the environment doesn’t? We all know the answer; it’s not about fiscal responsibility, it’s all about rich versus poor, and the GOP is just being stupidly more overt this time than in the past. And Democrats should get wise and aggressive in calling it out.

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