Wednesday :: Mar 29, 2017

They'll Try Again

by Deacon Blues

I haven’t commented on last week’s setback for Trump and House Republicans on the Affordable Care Act because I fully expect them to try again. Make no mistake, Democrats should not be celebrating right now, and need to be clear-eyed about the next assault, knowing the following:

1. House Republicans, especially the Freedom Caucus and other conservatives need to vote on repeal of the ACA in order to fend off disaster next year in the midterms.

2. Paul Ryan needs to blow up Medicaid in any ACA repeal because he’s using the savings from throwing millions off federal coverage to pay for his tax cuts for the wealthy and Corporate America. Without those savings, “tax reform” doesn’t do what the Koch Brothers want.

3. Mike Pence actually was advising the president to steer farther right towards the Freedom Caucus because he also wanted to blow up Medicaid, as the Koch Brothers do.

So you can count on the House GOP to try again in the coming weeks and months during the tax “reform” debate to destroy the ACA, and pass a bill that contains most of what the Freedom Caucus wanted, even if it has no chance of ever passing the Senate and reaching Trump’s desk. That’s because Ryan and the House GOP need such a vote for self-preservation amongst the far right base. Yet the basic calculus hasn’t changed: GOP moderates in the House will never vote for it, nor will the Senate.

But just attempting to destroy Medicaid and health care for 24 million Americans will be the GOP’s undoing, especially in the midst of a government shutdown and a debate about savaging those 24 million to pay for a corporate tax cut.

And wait until taxpayers find out Trump wants to cut their safety net to pay for the Mexican border wall.

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