Thursday :: Mar 30, 2017

Heading Down The Drain

by Deacon Blues

Disregard what I said yesterday about a likely renewed White House/GOP effort to blow up the Affordable Care Act: Trump has managed to lose the support of both the Freedom Caucus and the House GOP moderates in the same day, leaving him nowhere to tie his boat. Not only did the Freedom Caucus rebuff his attacks today, but he could be driving a wedge between him and his VP on the issue, who wanted the House GOP to move more in the Freedom Caucus’s direction last week before the bill collapsed.

So does Trump really want to deal with repealing the ACA or not? I think not. Furthermore, the House GOP slides further into a civil war.

Maybe when Speaker Ryan gets done obstructing justice with hapless Devin Nunes to protect people who know they are guilty, he can fix his caucus.

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