Tuesday :: Apr 11, 2017

The Limited Trump Payoff

by paradox

It isn’t often truth of high purity emits from Republican leadership, so it should be noted the rare event occurred with one Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who stated the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch was a prime factor of the election of President Trump.

As this catastrophe roils and seethes over the country how in the holy hell did this happen will always be a vitally good question, evading the truth leaves open the good possibility it could happen again. Racism, sexism, nationalism, economic insecurity/apathy, rank journalism failure and a stupid American democracy mechanism, all have their rightful place in the answer, but the tribal political identity that delivered the Republican vote 100% for Trump is very prominent among them.1

How could that possibly happen? How could competent business Republicans vote for this bankruptcy clown who can’t get a loan in the US? How could allegedly moral Mormons and Evangelicals ever vote for this sexual assault creep on his third wife?

The Big Payoff, of course, every Republican mentally shoved aside all their principles for their personal political/cultural payoff in a possible Trump win, which would mean control of the Presidency and Congress. Abortion would be illegal again, tax cuts would be a nirvana of success this time, damn liberal regulations like prohibiting the slaughter of hibernating bears would be gone, Mexicans’n Muslims booted out, Trump will be worth it, do it.

Last week delivered a huge payoff variable with a Supreme Court slot that, as Ezra Klein noted, the Republicans got despite losing the last 2 Presidential popular vote counts. It’s a terrible event for liberals and the Democratic Party that will knife us for 20 years, a precious opportunity to finally fix the reeking stupidity failure of the USSC horribly gone.

Republicans and Trump should enjoy it while they can, it will be the last and only payoff Trump ever delivers for them.

Turns out having this illiterate chattering Twitter clown as President is a daily disaster of incompetence that is almost politically useless, Presidential leadership would have been vitally important in the Obamacare repeal attempt but Trump only cares about golfing, he knew nothing and comically blew up his universal heath care promise in a blink.

Amazingly there is talk of a government shutdown because the rabid Republican rump of the Racism Party wont be able to eliminate Planned Parenthood. Very serious doubts cloud the Capitol that Rand doofus Paul Ryan can even deliver a functional congressional budget, let alone those holy tax cuts.

The idea that idiot Trump could ever successfully produce legislation becomes more laughable by the day, the stock market took a brief dive with the realization no corporate tax cuts were coming.

Gorsuch will do enormous damage on the Supreme Court, yes, but repealing the legality of abortion is not that simple, not hardly (if possible at all), and very soon those duped Mormons and Evangelicals will comprehend they’ll never see abortion illegal again.

One could state the failed Muslim ban is a failed payoff, but no one took Trump seriously on it, Republicans said he really didn't mean it.

Apparently the rabid, racist base of the Republican Party took Trump seriously when he endlessly ranted about the militarism of Hillary Clinton, there would be no Middle East wars on his watch. Then the idiot went and impulsively launched missiles at Syria, various aids babbling contradictory stupid nonsense of non-policy, another payoff promise ingloriously biting the dust.

Soon, in fact, all of the Republican Party will come to the belated and horrified realization they’ve been had, Trump can’t deliver their payoff because it takes a competent skilled President to do it, and all our current tangerine President cares about is ripping off the US treasury2, hiding his taxes and lying about Russian collusion in the election.

Just the USSC payoff for the Republicans delivered by Trump, that’s it. Meantime the horrified rest of the country watches helplessly as that idiot Trump blunders and smashes into one glaring failure after another, flatulently tweeting inanity that horribly degrades the office and all of us.3 Trump is simply mentally and politically incompetent to serve, absolute disaster likely awaits us, and if the Gorsuch payoff is all that’s inflicted upon the country in Trump’s term we can count ourselves as very lucky indeed.

[1] The list goes on: Russian hacking and fake news interference, terrible polling failure, “elite/game is rigged revenge,” according to Robert Reich, and serious Republican Party/leadership regression.

[2] Tens of millions of Americans haven’t taken a vacation in over 10 years, the idea there was time and money for such a thing was and is laughable. Too see their tax money pay for this lying sexual assault creep constantly lining his own pockets at his own resorts is a raging slap in the face to every taxpaying working American where a golf vacation is a grim dream of fantasy.

[3] One of the most horribly embarrassing elements to the Trump Presidency is his disgusting and stupid treatment of foreign leaders. I tweeted apologies to the leaders of Australia and Mexico, but after what Trump did to Angela Merkel of Germany a personal apology letter to her, mailed to the German embassy in Washington DC, is called for. That episode was so heinously outrageous and offensive the United States will never escape the searing shame of it.

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