Sunday :: Apr 16, 2017

Ah Yes, Those Jobs & Wages

by paradox

In these long dark nights of insomnia and worry as the Trump presidency catastrophe batters the nation one phenomena keeps regularly occurring to provide some relief: the mordant chuckle. The latest episode happened in a grimly humorous Washington Post article where Republican leaders counseled patience in reacting to all the Trump horrors.

“People voted for change,” said David Winston, a GOP pollster. “They’re looking for two basic outcomes: more jobs and higher wages. It’s pretty straightforward.”

Heh. Heh-heh-heh. Since when did the Republican Party give a damn about workers and jobs? Republicans care about cutting taxes, despoiling the environment, busting unions for lower wages, banning abortion, and maintaining a bloated “defense” budget that makes Jabba the Hut look slim.

The idea that somehow in all this swirling noxious mess of Trump failure that lying carnival barker could produce meaningful change for workers and their wages is beyond ludicrous, heh, when do we see the plans for a manned mission to Pluto?

One could be forgiven, perhaps, in the fantasy Trump and Republicans care about workers from the lying 2016 Trump campaign (shocking—I’m blown away, I tell you--to see so many campaign lies abandoned in the last week) but anyone with any element of critical thinking could instantly see “populist” Trump promising more and better jobs was just more lying carnival barking, god, are you telling me any political professional fell for that? Heh.

Unfortunately I can’t remember the political scientist who advanced this thesis, but it has a blissful simplicity: be an American political Party of peace and prosperity or foretell your doom. If your Party cannot deliver peace and prosperity losing, failure and extinction are your only outcomes, sooner or later.

Each day the truth of it creeps inexorably forward with Yosemite glacier power, since 1992 how many Presidential popular vote counts have the Republicans won? Precisely one, one out of the last seven. Frantic distractions (terrorism, war, taxation, manipulation of racism and repression of women) and chicanery of mechanism and redistricting have saved them so far, but their day of doom will arrive one day.

Right? Hope clouds observation, Reverend Mother Gaius Mohiam said so wisely. For liberals and Democrats of course the peace and prosperity thesis represents cherished principles of a proud past of accomplishment and victory, but an extremely good argument can be made present abandonment of them has lead to our current nightmare of insomnia in this hellish political wilderness.

For abandoned them we have, much to my eternal dismay. For better or worse President Obama completely embraced the Republican solution of war and violence to solving alleged security issues, Jabba was ferociously fed all during his terms and we never really left Afghanistan or Iraq. Whatever one projects about the behavior Hillary Clinton undoubtedly she and Obama by historical standards are ardent militarists.

Jobs and wages? Please, precisely once since 1992 has the Democratic Party implemented the one policy known to work: Keynesian spending, the 2009 Obama stimulus. In all that time Obama and Clinton basically proclaimed their stewardship of the economy and free market lifted many household boats, success and victory can be attained by leaving Keynes behind in free market growth prosperity. Right?

Ah, no. One can make the argument of Oliver Willis that demanding and fighting for a larger 2009 stimulus was clouded partisan wishful thinking, okay, but as Duncan Black and myself so frantically said in 2010 what the farking hell was stopping Obama and the Democrats from passing another $800 billion 2010 stimulus? Really? If they couldn’t, why not make the Republicans pay and pay with a righteous losing fight?

The decision was made to leave Keynes behind and as Allison Hantschel so aptly said at the time Obama and Democrats richly deserved getting their asses handed to them in the 2010 midterms. We had our golden chance to truly effect job growth and market wages with sustained social infrastructure spending and investment and just sat there. The rest, as they say, is evident history.

One can further see abandonment of prosperity in the horrible fracture of the hellish Democratic Party 2016 primary. It’s further demonstrated in the manifestly dismaying gullibility of Trump voters getting suckered by that lying carnival barker caring about jobs. Had the Democratic Party truly adhered to prosperity principle that opportunity for political gullibility would not have existed.

Jobs and wages. Peace and prosperity. Am I a Life Master, impeccable foreseer of the future with righteous policy of gleaming Statue of Liberty truth boldly proclaiming future political success for liberals and Democrats? Sadly, no. What is starkly true is that—like the Republicans—the more we stray from peace and prosperity the more likely we will wander in this sleepless political wilderness.

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