Thursday :: May 11, 2017

The Impeachment Clock Has Started

by Deacon Blues

Through his own ham-handed bungling and that of his lackeys, Donald Trump confirmed he obstructed justice in the sacking of FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday. The original, laughable rationale given for Comey's firing, that he was fired for his mishandling of the Clinton email inquiry fell apart quickly. This was confirmed by spokesperson trainee Sarah Huckabee on Fox News Tuesday night when she immediately called for an end of the Russia inquiry. Nice job dimwit.

Yesterday's developments, wherein multiple news sources confirmed that Comey had asked for more resources just Monday, and told Senators of this request, as well as the revelations that he was getting daily briefings on the inquiry because of increased indications of collusion between Trump associates and the Russians, in some cases involving Trump business interests, only makes the case clearer that Trump canned Comey to slow down and stop the investigation from getting any closer to him.

Now today the acting Director of the FBI told the Senate that the smear job done by the White House yesterday against Comey's character and support inside the Bureau were false.

We are now firmly in obstruction of justice territory, which leads us towards impeachment. Republicans, who just last year yelled for Hillary to be jailed over Russian-supplied fake news alleging corruption, lying, and abuse of power now seemingly can't be bothered with Tuesday's developments. Why? Because they need Trump around long enough to sign their tax cut legislation and to appoint more conservatives to the federal bench.

As for the administration itself, a fundamental misunderstanding permeates the political people and the president himself: they actually think the FBI Director and the Attorney General are there to serve the president and should swear loyalty to him. This is also how they feel about the intelligence services, and the notion that these key intelligence and law enforcement officials are in fact independent actors focusing on fact-finding wherever it takes them is an alien concept to them.

But even GOP stalwart Steve Schmidt said the obvious last night on MSNBC: a stubborn GOP resistance to a full independent inquiry now only enables the Democrats to take back one or both houses of Congress in next year's midterms. Sure, a good deal of Trump's base wouldn't care if Trump banged sheep and committed treason as long as he looked the part and kept telling them what they wanted to hear (read: A white tough guy tells them that their problems stem from women and brown people). But when the president's approval ratings fall into the low 30's and independents begin bailing out on him and his agenda, even GOP incumbents will pay attention.

It may not take until the midterms for the cracks to develop in the GOP cover-up inside Congress. Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are asking their caucuses going into an election year to defend an immoral, mentally unstable president who freely acts upon impulse with no adult supervision. If the GOP wants to be associated with that kind of branding, Democrats should welcome such an early Christmas present.

But will the GOP wait for that damage to be done, knowing that it imperils their own seats, if they think that impeachment or the threat of it can deliver a better future for the Beltway Republicans?

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