Tuesday :: May 16, 2017

The Kremlin's Man Inside the White House

by Deacon Blues

In the latest of a series of discouraging incidents demonstrating his unfitness to be Commander in Chief, Donald Trump saw the need to brag to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador about the amount of intelligence he gets every day, as if he was trying to show them how important he is. But Trump went beyond that, and gave a specific example of intelligence he received about ISIS operations and planning, without understanding that the intelligence came from a confidential source and without caring that the intelligence was highly secret.

Oh, did I mention that it was the Israelis that he exposed? And that this comes at a time when the Netanyahu government's initial glee at having Trump in the White House has now been replaced with worry about his allegiances inside Israel. Worse yet, Trump's personal attorney-turned Mideast envoy Jason Greenblatt is trying to strong-arm Bibi into not making waves with Trump, so watching the Donald burn Israeli intelligence assets should make them think again about whose ass they kissed last November. No matter what they think of her, the Mossad knows that Hillary would never have done this.

Now his staff are left with trashing their own credibility to sell the distasteful notion that it was wholly appropriate for the president to share whatever intelligence he wants with whomever he wants to share it, especially if Trump didn’t know the source. (I'm sure the Mossad agrees with that) In saying this incredible defense of Trump’s indefensible actions, previously-credible General H. R. McMaster wants us to believe that by being ignorant of now intelligence sharing works, Trump can burn our sources and intelligence partners anytime he wants to, as long as he is the most ignorant and unqualified commander in chief in our country’s history. If we were to accept this rationale, Trump could say or do anything as long as Trump remains Trump. And the president confirms that he feels he can do whatever he wants with intelligence, which is what you’d expect the Kremlin’s controlled asset to say.

Aside from the fact that his own party is now showing concern over this latest development, and aside from the fact that the GOP had said that Hillary should be jailed for being careless with intelligence and wasn’t qualified to be commander in chief, we are now presented with a federal government under total GOP control that is untrustworthy and careless on national security. And despite pathetic attempts to spin their way out of this, the White House and their supporters in the GOP have now opened themselves up to arguments that the GOP cannot be trusted to protect the United States.

Because if Paul Ryan thought Hillary should be barred from intelligence information, he must now explain why Trump deserves to get the PDB’s each day from this day forward. And since Ryan or any other Trump defender can’t and won’t hold Trump to the same standard they held Hillary to, the GOP cannot be trusted with America’s secrets if everything, even national security, is nothing but a political football to them.

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