Thursday :: May 18, 2017

Mentally Unfit for the Job

by Deacon Blues

After lying last night that he always supported an outside inquiry into the Russia story, Trump twittered again a course reversal this morning that the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller represented a "witch hunt" against him. Then a short while ago, Trump went further and told television anchors that the appointment hurts our country because it showed the world that we are a divided country, as if the country would unite behind our Dear Leader if only the Russia story went away.

Yikes. And why is that Don?

Trump's level of self-pity, victimhood, paranoia, and now detachment from reality reflect emotional and mental challenges. Conflating personal challenges with national ones is a sign of grandiosity and a narcissistic personality disorder.

His stance now squarely isolates him and the White House from the rest of the government, and sets up an adversarial relationship with Mueller and the law enforcement community, which is a harbinger of a bad outcome for Trump, the GOP, and this country.

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