Tuesday :: May 23, 2017

Trump's First Budget Confirms the Obvious

by Deacon Blues

Actions speak louder than words, and millions of blue collar voters in the “fly-over states” voted for Donald Trump last fall because he repeatedly said:
-He would drain the swamp of corporate, K Street lobbyist types controlling our government
-He would Make America Great Again, by protecting the working class, and
-He would protect Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security.

And then with his first budget proposal today, he shredded all of those campaign promises and instead proposed a savaging of Medicaid and food stamps and the rest of the safety net, cutting Medicare and Social Security, and wiping out consumer protections and other programs needed by Trump voters.

He knowingly proposes to inflict this much pain and family destruction in order to finance large tax cuts for corporations and wealthy people like him. Which means millions of Americans were bamboozled and lied to by Trump and stoked with endless stories about Hillary’s emails and alleged criminality.

Of course GOP senators and representatives are running as fast as they can from this budget, but Democrats will happily hang it around their necks in 2018. But can we also finally call out Trump working class voters for what they are?

Trump is essentially telling his base what he thinks about them with this budget. The proposal represents utter disdain and contempt for his own voters, who he obviously thinks are nothing more than rubes. Yet there were millions of suburban and educated female voters who also couldn't bring themselves to vote for Hillary, who now have been slapped around as well.

You get what you vote for.

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