Tuesday :: May 30, 2017

An Imbecile in a Wolf's Clothing

by Deacon Blues

Donald Trump returns from his first overseas trip, complaining about fake news once again, leaks (that in reality come from his staff), and a lack of progress in Congress on his agenda. Why do you think his agenda is stalled?

Perhaps it’s because of stupidity like this, where his administration can’t agree with itself if Jared Kushner asked the Russians to hide a Trump back channel.

Perhaps Trump isn’t taken seriously at home because of how he treats allies abroad.

Or perhaps his agenda is stalled for the main reason that he can’t run a government, and his congressional allies now know it. They also may now know that despite the now-discredited assertions of previously-credible people like Generals Kelly and McMaster, there is nothing normal about a president-elect's chief advisor asking a hostile foreign power to help the president-elect avoid monitoring from the current administration.

Republicans don’t have the votes themselves to support an agenda, and they and the president can’t even agree on one. Even if they could, this White House is too morally bankrupt and toxic to garner support for it.

Look in the mirror Don; you’re the problem here.

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