Thursday :: Jun 1, 2017

No Longer the Leader of the Free World

by Deacon Blues

With this despicable decision, the United States becomes the world’s largest banana republic, where the former leader of the free world transitions right before our eyes into an isolated nation state run by conservative oligarchs like the Mercers and the Koch’s solely interested in sucking whatever they can from whoever they can. Once they and a hostile foreign power were able to conspire together to install a willing agent to carry out their extreme self-interest, it was a short step from there into what we find now: the country that liberated the world in two world wars now aligns itself with polluters, billionaires, and despots at the expense of the rest of the world.

Congrats red-state rubes, especially you lower-class whites and working women who came aboard the Trump bandwagon at the end. You just rendered the sacrifice of our soldiers all these years worthless because you couldn’t be bothered to confront what the rest of us know already: it was these same billionaires and this same political party that is to blame for your lot in life, as well as your own laziness and gullibility.

Those who died at Omaha Beach and Iwo Jima didn’t make such a sacrifice decades ago just so our allies would need to cozy up to China and Russia years later out of extreme American neglect, appeasement, ignorance, and self-interest. Let's hope right-minded Republicans and Democrats seize this opportunity to oppose this regime at the next election by reminding voters of what America was and could be again.

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