Sunday :: Aug 6, 2017

A Government of Laws, Not Men

by paradox

A statement by John Adams enshrined into the mythology of the American Way, to live here means not to live under the brutal violent heel of some tyrant where various abuses can arrive at any moment, but a stable, relatively quiet existence of civil codification that must be adhered to by everyone.

You know how The Man puts it, the tectonically mighty American Rule of Law, implacable in its righteousness for the continued happiness of our little peole. Ahhh, yeah.

21st century Americans view the idea and implementation with massively earned contempt, and as we all know we are this very second in a total screaming civic emergency, omg a felon carnival barker took over the Republican Party to subvert an American election with the Russians! There he sits in the Oval Office, lying constantly as he desperately squirms under the patient Rule of Law hanging scaffolding being erected in front of him. Right?

Where could this scorn and loathing spring from for such a holy American concept in the 21st century?

Right at the freaking 2000 start with Bush vs Gore, 5 majority Supreme (!) Court justices stole the election for George Bush in a virulently disgusting mockery of the cognitive ability, decency, faith in America and lastly that little thing of The Rule of Law. A catastrophe of multiple dimensions we still bleed from this very day.

President Obama didn’t drop the ball when it came to this disaster. Liberals and Democrats take fierce pride in objectivity, empirical observation and acceptance of truth, so if it hasn’t happened for this issue it’s time to face the music that Occupy happened on Obama’s watch. Why is that?

Because many, many tens of millions of Americans were damn right outraged that Wall Street brought the country to the very edge of economic disaster, were disgustingly bailed out with god knows how many hundreds of billions of dollars—not to mention a mockery of rules classification—of public taxpayer cash. Not one even one fraud conviction came about from this frenetic disaster. Omg what happened?

Ultimately it doesn’t matter why, okay, but it’s my thin opinion that Obama very early in his candidacy make a decision never to be the angry black man taking on America. One sees it across the spectrum of policy implantation for the Obama administration history, always a stance of compromise and no-drama accomplishment that could only be attained by not being too combative.

I don’t know the truth here, not hardly, but one can certainly see the intellectual and policy validity of such a political and human framework for this historically very racist country. If it’s true it unfortunately led to the disaster of the continued mockery for the rule of law among our little people, god help you with half an ounce of cannabis if you’re black, but ripping of America for hundreds of billions is cool. White and rich, works every time, baby.

So here we are in our current Rule of Law emergency—if you really want America history it’s never been a true reality for huge swathes of our people in a fits-and-starts story of slow progress, yes, but what do we do now, what do we do when the President is the felon in a blown election?

Well, that Mueller guy is apparently the real thing, professional prosecutors have been hired and grand juries convened. On its face the Trump Administration obviously, clownishly broke the law in many traitor-like ways to rip the Democracy, they still do, and an easy conviction of Trump and his family is only 24 months away, tops.

Furthermore, the Russian campaign cash and hack rot reaches into the upper echelons of the Republican Party. Remember that little Paul Ryan incident where he swore all within hearing of that Russian traitor truth just spoken must never be again stated, that to do so would gravely imperil the Ruling Republican Family?

When confronted about what The House Don had said Republican attendees lied and said it didn’t happen. When further confronted with the truth that the conversation was recorded, they lied again and said it was a joke.

A fresh American hell of lawlessness is upon us right this living moment, we are in total civic and national emergency, and if we are to remain anything like the America we know and could be Mueller must come through, the truth convictions must happen this time, or we are forever lost and broken.

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