Sunday :: Aug 20, 2017

Circling the Drain

by Steve

As commenter Craig noted in the previous post, a sure sign that the bloom is coming off Trump’s rose are the poll numbers from the most recent NBC News/Marist poll, which shows that in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, which were the three states that gave him his Electoral College victory, Trump’s approval/disapproval numbers are tanking.

As I noted in yesterday’s post, Nate Cohn’s observations in the NYT over the weekend were that Trump won those three states by the slimmest of margins, but he won them by pulling Obama blue collar voters from 2008 away from Hillary. According to this recent poll, which was taken before and during the Charlottesville meltdown, Trump’s approval rating in all three states has fallen into the mid-30’s. One wonders how bad Trump’s numbers are now in the Hillary states.

Remember several things when you keep hearing media commenters tell us that these results will be irrelevant if Trump’s base stays with him: First, his hardcore base states are nowhere near enough to carry him or the GOP to victory in 2018 and 2020; he won 2016 in these three key states that Hillary overlooked. Second, the Democrats can pick up more than half of the new House seats they need in 2018 just by focusing on California and these three states, which now show Trump tanking.

As Trump keeps opening his mouth and banging away on Twitter, the Democrats get closer and closer to taking back Congress. His missteps, coupled with a Democratic message hammering Trump for his dereliction of duty and broken promises will carry it over the finish line next year, assuming the Cabinet doesn’t take Trump out sooner by way of the 25th amendment.

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