Friday :: Sep 15, 2017

California to Require Tax Return Release for Presidential Candidates

by paradox

A flicker of hope for the Republic emanated yesterday from California when the legislature passed a bill requiring all Presidential candidates to release their tax returns for the previous five years.

Whatever chicanery or filth President Trump is hiding in his taxes will thus finally see the light of day for 2020, no Presidential candidate could not register for California and hope to be credible.

Massively assuming Trump is still in office at all, he obviously obstructed justice when he fired Comey with comical ineptitude, and--along with another massive assumption--should the Democrats take the House in 2018 Trump will be immediately impeached.

That isn’t an assumption at all, eight weeks tops for Pelosi to hand over the Articles for the Senate trial, not one Democrat alive will care what the odds are for conviction, adherence to the honor of the Republic—what little is left—will demand no other course.

After obstruction of justice surely will be violation of the Emoluments Clause, of course Trump never divested from his dubious “business” meanders, but his disgusting use of the Secret Service as his own piggy bank every weekend as he golfs a pay-to-play scheme means Article 2.

Article 3 will very likely be for Russian collusion in ripping Election 2016 to shreds with abhorrently criminal acts. We used to be a proud Democracy here, largest and eldest on the planet, until some lying carnival barker criminally trashed an election before taking a dump on the office every day. We might as well be Pakistan or the Philippines for all the Democratic norms we currently practice.

No surprise at to see the list grow to 10 when Mueller is finally ready to hand over his indictments, this is an “administration” that knows nothing of the 1st amendment and advocates firing of journalists, after using the EPA as a propaganda arm in attacking the media.

To an American media pathetically in the posture of “we didn’t do anything!” in the horror show of Election 2016 where this lying Russian plant became President admission of the truth is impossible but we all know it anyway: our Federal Democracy is gone, it doesn’t exist.

That’s what happens when a criminal blows the election with the Russians, loses the popular vote but still somehow is President, the Democracy is gone, America as we knew it doesn’t exist anymore.

To the extent where the Republicans haven’t successfully suppressed the vote of course the Democracy still sputters along on life support, States still elect governors and legislatures, local elections still happen without crime, and allegedly the Federal election of 2018 will be a clean criminal-free one.

Heather Parton, easily one of the top five political writers in the United States, has flatly stated Democrats absolutely must take at least the House or Senate or the Federal catastrophe will irrevocably take American off the Democracy rails, we’ll never make it to Election 2020 with real representation again, they’ll criminally steal Election 2020 too.

Should that vital event actually occur America will then be faced with a horrifying interregnum of at least 12 months with a decapitated Executive Branch, no way that lying crook Pence survives or hardly any of them, what then?

That horror show could actually start much earlier, next year, what happens if Mueller obviously hands over at least five impeachable crimes for Russian Election 2016 collusion? How could Congress or the public possibly accept a criminal President who ruined the Democracy for another year until impeachment starts?

How could a Republican Party that doesn’t accept the fact of evolution and only exists for militant oligarchy ever competently fabricate a functional Executive Branch in that scenario?

Incredibly it looks more likely every day we’re about to find out what that living hell will be like, Trump acts guilty as hell, every week a new revelation of Russian filth emerges (let’s build a Russian hotel during the campaign and then blatantly lie about it, no big), and what we know now is so completely criminal it seems amazing Mueller will come back with nothing.

A President crippled before he’s about to be impeached with no credible backup at all for when he’s finally gone. The United States will never have been in such a desolate, dangerous place.

In the meantime all citizens can do is watch in horror as the Democracy implodes and fervently pray the House can be taken by Democrats in 2018. For any real chance of our Democracy to survive that must happen, do anything possible, help in any way for Democrats to take at least the House in 2018.

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