Thursday :: Sep 21, 2017

Koch Brothers Ready to Control the EPA

by Deacon Blues

And as we are all fixated on hurricanes, North Korea, and the Russian investigation, Trump is about to wipe out healthcare for millions of Americans, and turn environmental protection over to the Koch Brothers and the rest of the polluter elites in the country, just as we predicted would happen more than a year ago with a Mike Pence vice presidency.

Lastly, remember that Lindsey Graham has lost any shred of respect and credibility after the Graham-Cassidy debacle. Losing a fight with Jimmy Kimmel over the real harm contained in your own bill is a pathway to hell, and Graham and Cassidy deserve to burn there. When eight GOP senators can't even explain why they are voting for the bill, except outright greed at sticking blue states, then Graham and Cassidy deserve a special place in the nether regions.

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