Monday :: Sep 25, 2017

Only the Whites Need Feeding

by Deacon Blues

In behavior that would make a dictator proud, Donald Trump spent the weekend trashing black athletes to jack up his white nationalist base, while millions of brown American citizens faced life-and-death situations and administration neglect in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Since Trump feels no shame, one can’t expect anything less from the 12-year-old currently soiling the Oval Office.

But it’s a fair question to ask the millions of cultists who rabidly support the boy-king if this is what they want in their leader, and if so, why is this iteration of Commander in Chief so much better than the Black-Man-In-The-White-House they hated for eight years? Because if someone really thinks after this weekend that Trump’s presidential behavior and priorities are better than Obama’s, then the problem lies not in Trump, but rather in the millions of yes, deplorables in our midst, who so easily sell out this country for their own malignant self-loathing.

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