Friday :: Sep 29, 2017

Biden 53%, Trump 40%

by Deacon Blues

Public Policy Polling, admittedly a Democratic-leaning pollster, released its latest national poll late yesterday of 865 registered voters. Some of the findings are worth noting.

-48% of registered voters support Trump's impeachment
-By a 52%-41% margin, registered voters wished for an Obama third term instead of the clusterf*ck we have now
-In a hypothetical two-way match-up, Joe Biden beats Trump by 13 points; Bernie beats him by 11
-74% of registered voters support DACA, including a large number of Trump voters
-54% of registered voters think Trump is dishonest, and 47% think he is mentally unbalanced

And yet, the GOP is stuck with Trump for 2020 as their candidate given the margins he racks up against potential challengers. This coupled with a strong generic ballot for Democrats heading into 2018 means that the GOP is looking at a washout unless the Democrats do them a favor and impeach Trump first.

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