Thursday :: Oct 5, 2017

Trump's Rush to War

by Deacon Blues

If you want proof that the Trump administration, and specifically the president himself have no worldview except to undo Barack Obama’s legacy and divert attention from the Russia inquiry, I give you this. The Washington Post says Trump has already decided to decertify the Iranian nuclear deal, which would force Congress to deal with the matter as a pretext to unilateral American sanctions and the unravelling of the accord. However, the Post says:

Trump’s senior national security advisers agreed within the past several weeks to recommend that Trump “decertify” the agreement at the Oct. 15 deadline, two of those people said.

Yet both the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times say that Defense Secretary James Mattis and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson do not support decertification. So, I’d really like to know who are the “senior national security advisors” who told the president that they supported tearing up the Iran nuclear deal, thereby eliminating any constraints on Iran’s nuclear program short of a war.

And it goes without saying that the North Koreans have confirmation now that there is no diplomatic solution open with this administration.

Bombs away kids.

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