Friday :: Oct 6, 2017

Trump Legalizes Discrimination

by Deacon Blues

I’m sure all the female Trump cultists, those suburban soccer moms and the Bernie women who couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Hillary are fully on board with Dear Leader’s move today to restrict access to birth control. After all, a serial sexual harasser and predator who has trashed multiple marriages can be trusted to tell women what they can do with their bodies, right?

The only two things Trump has actually done so far outside of getting the regrettable Neal Gorsuch a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court is to make it easier for mentally unstable people to commit mass murder, and now to tell women they’re on their own in preventing pregnancies from guys like, well, Donald Trump.

I assume that Trump will also now ensure that men must pay for their own erectile dysfunction medications in all cases, right? Right?

Or is this all just a distraction from the bigger move today by Jeff Sessions to allow religious organizations and corporations claiming to be religious to now commit racial and other forms of discrimination? Can we now once and for all stop the tax exemption granted to religious organizations?

This is what you get when you allow Mike Pence and the Koch Brothers inside the Oval Office. I'd like to thank those 15-20% of Bernie voters in key states who voted for Trump.

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