Thursday :: Oct 19, 2017

Shut Up General Kelly

by Deacon Blues

Please spare me any more heartfelt press events from enabler-in-chief General John F. Kelly, who as Trump's White House Chief of Staff today soiled himself and his old uniform by intentionally ignoring the family history between Congresswoman Wilson and Sergeant Johnson, while also intentionally dehumanizing her, and ignoring that there were two confirming witnesses to the call in the car.

Just like his boss, he had no trouble going after the black woman, and lying about Congresswoman Wilson while he was at it.

This sad spectacle tells us more about Kelly and his worldview than we may want to know. Having this man so close to this president is not a good thing, it only makes bad things easier.

There's a reason why Trump wants to keep his generals close: it's to wrap himself in their assumed credibility to gain cover for his (and their) agendas. And this is not a good thing for our democracy.

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