Saturday :: Oct 21, 2017

Still Upset About NBC

by paradox

In these shining Republican days of glory for our 21st century Republic many heinous events are automatically shoved into a mental recycle bin of reeking horror, lest rage and despair eventually beat down the most optimistic soul. Move on, dude, don’t look back, any hope for us lies in the future.

Still, October 9th, 2017 will be a date I will forever remember, a terrible day for the country that was only the start of a week that words can scarcely describe in it’s brutal stupidity, regression, offense to reason and unbelievable arrogance. I wrote to a friend about it last week hoping it would help but it did not, I make a stand for the United States of America here.

On Monday the 9th the honorable Rex Tillerson, not known to be the highest wattage bulb in the box, was reliably reported by NBC to have called the President “a fucking moron” after Trump so stupidly wanted the American nuclear stockpiled tripled on the fly, give us a big number!

Under fierce crackling waves of scathing criticism of course President Trump defensively lied and pathetically fought back. In a surreal event the Secretary of State, really, held a press conference to say no, he did not, he didn’t call the President a moron. Uh-huh.

Then this stupid, lying, grossly incompetent unfit fascist of a President went on the attack to the reporting source of his unlimited ability to be the greatest President moron ever, NBC, saying their news was fake and threatening to pull their broadcast license.

Come to California, President Trump, do muster whatever pathetic courage you have, we have 30 million real Americans here with the Constitution in one hand and a small burlap sack of wet bovine feces in the other, we’ll line up for days just so we can slap you in the face with both, you dumbass, fascist, idiot pond scum liar from Satan’s rectum, damn you!

American fascism has now chilled NBC, a ridiculously inadequate word for what’s happened. From now on every single time they think of a Trump story their freedom is robbed (“they hate us for our freedom!”) in a mental flip of caution and calculation that should not be there.

After the flip the terribly pernicious knife of fear thrusts home, NBC knows all the unstable wingnuts with rifles heard the President and a few will surely heed the call, only a matter of time before a rifle shot splats an American NBC brain on our fascist soil, her dreams and life blasted away because some Russian goon in the White House got used to taking orders from a killing tyrant.

Fear is the mind-killer, it will spread to ABC, CBS, PBS and virtually all American news organizations, they too hear the clicks of the magazine and first round sliding home.

We’ve lost the First Amendment. The Constitution isn’t pigment on fiber under a glass case, it’s held in the hearts and minds of Americans living in the present to protect the freedoms of Americans living right now.

It’s first for two reasons, the liberty to speak whatever is necessary so that truth guides the country, not superstition or malice or fear. With that liberty comes our present version of reality, be it not based on truth eventually the country smashes and ends in ruin, the Eastern Bloc knows this story.

Corporately cautious now chilled NBC timidly bleated they stood by their story. The other major “journalism” outlets said nothing. Minority Leader Pelosi said nothing, no national Democrat said anything.

Fear and caution are understandable for our chilled “journalists” in our age of American Fascism, but I do wonder what stays the mind of Minority Leader Pelosi, not in a critical sense, truly, I know she knows the First Amendment is gone.

She’s a Minority Leader where the opposition controls all branches of government, most of the media players are whipped corporate dogs and a fierce onslaught of bad news and assault on liberal values crashes in daily. Never once has an American President been impeached and convicted, a task that awaits her in just 16 months.

Next year is the critical election year, American attention spans are teevee commercial short, these are not normal times and Minority Leader Pelosi cautiously waits, it’s all she can do.

Still, the record will indelibly record forever here America lost the First Amendment on November 9th, 2017. We may get it back in our lifetimes, but many things in life, once lost or broken, can never be brought back or made whole again.

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