Saturday :: Oct 28, 2017

Even A Majority of Republicans Support Legalizing Cannabis

by paradox

The latest evolution of Gallup polling has been released showing a steadily growing majority of Americans (64%) supporting cannabis legalization, even among Republicans. Why is that?

[opens hands] Sociology often yields answers of ambiguity and fuzziness that perhaps lead to futile conclusions of dim perception, but I’m a good sociologist/political scientist and enough is now empirically known about legal cannabis to yield some firm answers.

The burgeoning cannabis legalization movement at last tripped over into two States, Colorado and Washington. Has there been an increase of domestic violence or child abuse there? No. Has there been increased wreckage and carnage on the roads from stoned drivers? No. Have there been reports of desperate cannabis addicts stealing anything in sight to keep up their cannabis fix? No.

Talk about addiction, absurdly high taxation of cannabis immediately got Colorado and Washington hooked on the revenue. Two other variables rather surprisingly have also come forth: drunk driving arrests fell, and opioid overdoses dropped. Why is that?

Criminologists and sociologists are still arguing about it, but one can suppose in the most general of ways that many alcohol and opioid users seek an altered mental state or escape route from reality, with legal cannabis readily available it becomes the primary avenue, if you will, to such a destination.

Cannabis users never overdose, there has never been one documented case of cannabis death from overdose. For whatever reason stoners are not compulsive drivers like problem drinkers, the couch, munchies and Netflix are primary motivations on cannabis, not hitting the road.

Not all problem alcohol drinkers and opioid users turn to cannabis, of course not, but enough of them obviously do to trip over the drunk driving and overdose numbers.

Continued cannabis legalization rationale surely must be having an impact, it’s absolutely devastating to criminalization proponents to fatuously proclaim cannabis a schedule I drug while casually accepting the legal sale of alcohol and nicotine, are you kidding me?

Booze and cigarettes are vast killers that inflict untold misery, violence and carnage. Cannabis is allegedly so bad for you we’ll inflict the very worst that could ever happen to you by imprisoning you.

This acute absurdity of logic and utter collapse of reason simply no longer works anymore for vast swathes of America, as cannabis legalization marches on in California next year it will further erode.

The continued evolution of the Black Lives Matter shines further light in the horrifying racism glaring from cannabis prosecution. How many tens of thousands of our young black men were imprisoned for cannabis while their white cousins were left alone or could afford a good lawyer?

Furthermore, with a felony conviction upon release most of these black men lost their voting rights—permanently. This South Africa-like apartheid outrage will forever be an indelible, reeking stain on the American culture and justice system, there is still such a very long way to go.

Into this booming enlightened scene of legal cannabis beaming rapturous rays of tax revenue, baked goods and zoned Netflix consumption one fierce little dark cloud has appeared on the horizon, vehemently barking it’s still all illegal, our little Perjury Elf of cannabis persecution, one Jeff Sessions, Attorney General of the United States.

He has professed surprise at the fierce blowback at his hopping little rants he has the power to shut all it all down and bring back the roaring insanity of illegal cannabis. Times and people change, Mr. Sessions, being a Putin tool to rob Americans of their freedom is so eighties, dude, freedom and calories are so much better.

So far the Federal response to State cannabis legalization has been these stupid Sessions threats, nothing more. One can never tell with these idiot Trump authoritarians now in power, but it seems likely Federal muttering and occasional ranting will be the only result of State cannabis legalization while the drunk driving and overdose deaths continue to fall.

Politically there’s only so much a Party in power can do to obstruct or thwart popular cultural elements, making enemies and alienating citizens doesn’t win elections. Amazingly the Republicans already try to control and thwart very popular sex with birth control games, you want to take on the fiercely popular cannabis at the same time, Mr. Sessions? Good luck with that.

In these gloomy, dark times of stupidity and repression one can suppose this Gallup polling is very good news; yes, yes indeed, it surely is so, but still only a few States with legal cannabis, a long way to go still.

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