Sunday :: Oct 29, 2017

The Big Chill

by paradox

I wrote last week how NBC and all the major networks were chilled by President Trump, to what degree and severity still unknown. If it makes them feel any better I know the feeling myself, yes, in the frosty horror of Election 2016 the little house of seemingly-feisty paradox was cold too.

In due course as always the t-shirts and yard signs arrived from the campaign, but this cycle it was requested the signs stay in the garage, better to be safe and not invite any violence from the raving sexist goons who seemed to have sprung up everywhere.

We live in the bluest of states, California, all the polling models showed Clinton consistently in the 90% range of beating Trump, there’s something to be said for safety and not inviting trouble, so I acquiesced.

[shakes head] If only I’d known what truly could have happened, I never would have allowed it, the yard signs would been proudly out there from Day 1 and I would have frenetically done everything I could to keep this Trump Presidency catastrophe from happening.

It was often noted incorrectly during the campaign that Clinton supporters must be so unenthusiastic, gee, they won’t even put out yard signs. No, they were afraid, chilled, and put up with the ridiculous criticism for the sake of unity, Clinton was going to win and there was no need to provoke anyone more than necessary.

[opens hands helplessly] I carry politically on as best I can, to say I am discouraged and dismayed by American politics is to so vastly understate my crashing dissolution of hope and faith in the roaring catastrophe of it all. I will never give up on the United States of America, I keep trying in my tiny way, but I do worry how many have given up, disgusted and manifestly frustrated with it all.

I note again that during the entire 2016 cycle Clinton was easily projected to win, it had a profound effect on her supporters, they took incredible threats and abuse in a desperately magnanimous stance, there was no need to fiercely lash out or fight back if she was going to win.

Now that the catastrophe has happened the unlimited fury, oh my god, there simply are no words to describe the volcanic, tectonic, freaking galactic anger among Clinton supporters about American politics and what they’re going to do to change it.

Senator Sanders now knows, it was incorrectly noted at the time the furor caused by his invitation to speak at the upcoming women’s convention was an extension of the primary. Like hell, it was an expression of anger over the Clinton loss and for those who contributed to it, no matter how remotely.

I simply do not understand American culture sometimes, women make up fifty freaking percent of the population, how could this current level of misperception exist? Know and understand, finally: tens of millions of American women voters are hopping totally oh my god crashing smashing furious about Election 2016.

Haven’t we all lived among women before? All our lives? As the sun rises, man, know a cast iron frying pan is flying across the electoral kitchen of America, thank god I’m not going to be on the receiving end in 2018.

Just a day ago I read at Daily Kos how energized women are on the march in Appalachia. There was a huge candidate turnout for 2018, and so far Democratic candidate contributions are excellent with satisfying Republican quits coming in.

But will it be enough? Democrats and liberals have an atrocious midterm turnout record. If Election 2016 taught us anything it’s that the Republican tribe votes, oh my freaking god, for anyone as long as they beat the hated liberals. They’ll show up in 2018 too, will we?

Always so chill for the midterms, this simply has to change, 2018 is a very special election, given to the opportunity to contribute to GOTV effort I will, I’ll devote time and energy too, for the Republic to have a chance at survival Democrats have to get out and vote for 2018.
Hyperbole? What if Mueller comes through with serious indictments? How does that get Trump out of office? Only the House can start that process, last time Pelosi said impeachment was off the table from the get-go.

So far, as noted, Pelosi has been cautiously quiet about impeaching Trump in 2019, for good valid reasons. It’s nice to have teevee commercials calling for impeachment, but only Pelosi can do it, proclaiming it’s off the table again would be, well, chilling.

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