Wednesday :: Nov 1, 2017

No Sunny Skies

by Deacon Blues

I’d like to think that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is simply confused or bad at communicating, but the more he talks the more I’m convinced he’s simply a white dinosaur who’s risen way too far in today’s world, but who's now surrounded by craven people intending to stir up racists.

I'd like to think that the millions of ignorant and willingly abused Trump voters will pull themselves away from their Fox News propaganda to notice that their Dear Leader is actually acting against their interests. But that would require those sad people to take responsibility for their lot in life and search for actual facts.

I’d like to think that Donald Trump will resist the urge to demand the dismissal of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but as time goes by and Mueller gets closer and closer to Trump himself and Steve Bannon barks in his ear, I’m afraid that Trump will make a move on Mueller unimpeded, thereby showing the congressional GOP as nothing more than enablers of treasonous behavior if it keeps them in power.

I’d like to think that all the damage that Scott Pruitt and the Koch Brothers are doing to the EPA can be stopped, but again, this would require a congressional GOP that care more about their constituents than they do about power and money. And we don’t have such a GOP now or ever.

And I’d like to think that our country and citizens can survive this catastrophe known as the Trump years, but I think we’ll be scarred for years from this experience, with no certainty that we’ll ever recover.

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