Thursday :: Nov 2, 2017

49% Think Trump Has Committed a Crime

by Deacon Blues

On the day that House Republicans release the Trump tax cut plan, one that demonstrably rewards the wealthy and corporations, while screwing the poor, blue-state taxpayers, and House Republicans, and a new report indicates Trump’s Russia problems aren’t going away, a new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows nearly 60% of those polled support the Mueller investigation, and half think Trump committed a crime.

All Nancy and Chuck have to do the next several months is let Mueller do his work, and hammer Trump every day for selling out his own base on taxes and health care, and take advantage of the Dems' polling advantages on taxes.

Have a good trip overseas Mr. Trump. Try to not embarrass us, OK?

Update: This is how you know Robert Mueller is about to bring the whole house down.

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