Thursday :: Dec 7, 2017

Al, You Probably Deserved Better

by Deacon Blues

Today, Minnesota Senator Al Franken was forced out of the United States Senate by his own Democratic caucus before he could defend himself at the Senate Ethics Committee, and before that committee could sort out fact from fiction. In his statement this morning, Franken said he would formally leave the Senate in the coming weeks because his own Democratic peers made it clear he could no longer serve his own constituents.

Senate Democrats and the DNC naively believe that by throwing Franken overboard now before his hearing, they will gain the moral high ground over Republicans when pedophile Roy Moore wins next week's special election in Alabama, and is warmly welcomed by Senate GOP colleagues. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and woebegone DNC Chair Tom Perez stupidly also think dumping Franken now will give the party a leg up with voters heading into the 2018 midterms.

Yeah, right.

Republicans don't care about moral high grounds; all they care about is seizing, holding, and abusing power over stupid Democrats. Franken's departure will not matter one wit to voters next November. What will matter is which party and candidates represent the economic and security interests of those that are voting. Nevertheless, Republicans succeeded in sidelining a progressive voice, with the help of self-interested Senate Democrats who fancy themselves as 2020 presidential candidates, who were only too happy to drive a bus over Franken.

I'm going to list the Senate Democrats and independents who threw Franken overboard, starting with the Senators who think they are presidential material in 2020, and then the rest.

2020 Aspirants
Kirsten Gillibrand of New York
Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts
Kamala Harris of California
Bernie Sanders of Vermont
Chris Murphy of Connecticut
Cory Booker of New Jersey

The Rest
Chuck Schumer of New York
Dick Durbin of Illinois
Patrick Leahy of Vermont

Mazie K. Hirono of Hawaii
Claire McCaskill of Missouri
Dianne Feinstein of California
Patty Murray of Washington State
Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin
Debbie Stabenow of Michigan
Maria Cantwell of Washington State
Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota
Tammy Duckworth of Illinois
Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire

Bill Nelson of Florida
Angus King of Maine
Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island
Jack Reed of Rhode Island
Jon Tester of Montana
Gary Peters of Michigan
Martin Heinrich of New Mexico
Tom Udall of New Mexico
Bob Casey of Pennsylvania
Joe Donnelly of Indiana
Patrick J. Leahy of Vermont
Edward J. Markey of Massachusetts
Sherrod Brown of Ohio
Michael Bennet of Colorado
Jeff Merkley of Oregon
Ron Wyden of Oregon
Tom Carper of Delaware

I'm doing this for a simple reason. I will not give a dime to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, to the Democratic National Committee, or to any of these candidates individually. Plain and simple.

Stupid is stupid. Craven is craven. To throw a colleague overboard before he even can defend himself out of a misguided belief that it makes you stronger in some illusory world where the voters will care about this in the coming weeks is delusional, and not worthy of my support.

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