Monday :: Jan 8, 2018

Do Stable Geniuses Lie Like a Dictator?

by Deacon Blues

It takes a certain kind of "stable genius" to stand up in front of thousands of farmers and lie to their faces about the tax cuts they are about to get, and what his political opponents will do in the future.

President Trump delivered an economic victory lap during a speech to farmers on Monday in which he vastly overstated the size of the tax cuts passed by Congress late last year and played up a rollback of regulations on American businesses.
Declaring that the "American dream is roaring back to life," Mr. Trump — who has made clear that he likes big numbers — claimed that the tax overhaul cut taxes by $5.5 trillion when, in fact, the legislation will reduce the overall tax burden on individuals and companies over the next decade by $1.5 trillion, or $4 trillion less than what he cited.
"We have just signed into law the most significant tax cuts and reforms in American history — it’s a total of $5.5 trillion in tax cuts," Mr. Trump said, adding that most of those benefits would go to "working families, small businesses and — who? — the family farmers."
Mr. Trump apparently chose to highlight just one side of the ledger — the total amount of tax reductions in the bill that he signed in December — without counting the amount of taxes that were increased in the same legislation to help pay for the bill. White House officials declined to respond to questions about the president’s $5.5 trillion figure.

There's nothing wrong with political hyperbole; politicians' life blood is the art of shading the truth and spinning. But it takes a certain malevolent mendacity to tell bald faced lies to thousands of people, and then tell more falsehoods about your political opponents.

The president used the speech to offer a preview of the political message he will deliver to voters as lawmakers prepare for the midterm elections in November. Democrats in Congress, he warned, will try to reverse the tax cuts — which passed entirely along party lines without a single Democratic vote — if they seized the majority this year.
"If the Democrats ever had the chance, the first thing they would do is get rid of it and raise up your taxes, sometimes by up to 40, 50, 60 percent more than you have right now," Mr. Trump said.

After reading that lie, why would Chuck and Nancy meet with the president on anything at all?

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