Tuesday :: Jan 9, 2018

Feinstein Releases Fusion GPS Transcripts

by Deacon Blues

God bless Dianne Feinstein. After those slimy political hacks Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham participated in a political hit job last week by asking the Justice Department to go after Christopher Steele rather than investigate what's actually in the "dossier", Feinstein kneecapped those pricks this afternoon by releasing the full testimony of Fusion GPS to Grassley's committee.

Cue the whining and soiled undies from little Lindsey and lying Chuck about damaging the investigation. What investigation, you corrupt a**holes. The Democrats have given away too many news cycles to a corrupt, coordinated obstruction of justice from Senate and House Republicans to prop up a regime that is afraid of sunlight.

The sad thing is that it may very well turn out that there was little actual collusion or coordination between Putin and the Trump campaign, and that the Russian involvement and success came about through luck and an effective disinformation campaign that Obama's team should have taken more seriously. But for some reason, Team Trump made things worse with a cover-up and a textbook case of obstruction of justice. And if it turns out that the bigger crime is what the White House and sleazebags like Grassley and Graham did to hide the truth, then they all deserve orange jumpsuits.

Update: One outcome of the transcript release today is the revelation that Steele briefed the FBI and the New York Times not once, but twice on his findings from the dossier. However, after his second NYT briefing and despite the details he presented both the Bureau and the NYT, the paper for some reason cleared Trump of involvement with the Russians in the days just before the election, sourcing that to the Bureau. Seeing this, and becoming alarmed that something was going on that he and Fusion didn't know, Steele then cut off further conversations with the Bureau.

Simpson testified that what he and Steele suspected was that the NYT was going to some lengths to reveal for the first time the existence of a FBI inquiry into Trump, sourced to the Bureau, but went further to exonerate Trump right before the election.

The New York FBI office, and Rudy's boys strike again.

No wonder Grassley and Graham went to such lengths to avoid investigating this, while smearing Steele and Fusion.

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