Wednesday :: Jan 10, 2018

Trump Will Fire Mueller

by Deacon Blues

"For 11 months they’ve had this phony cloud over this administration, over our government … it’s a Democrat hoax."
--Trump, just now

Although I fully supported her doing so, I think it is more likely than ever that Trump will fire Mueller after Dianne Feinstein's action to release the Fusion GPS Senate Judiciary Committee transcript. Trump has already resorted to name-calling mode against Feinstein this morning, and just now said in full Mussolini mode that he's not sure there's a reason why he'd need to sit for an interview with Mueller.

By releasing the Fusion GPS transcript into the public record, Feinstein undermined the GOP's "soft kill" of Mueller's effort, where the White House and congressional GOP toadies employ a coordinated discrediting campaign to de-legitimatize any final conclusions from Mueller that are adverse to the president. The transcript has given the lie to those efforts. Now all that is left for Trump to do is go for the actual direct kill of firing Mueller, which he will stupidly do after Mueller asks for the interview.

Trump is delusional enough to reject an interview request, and then fire Mueller for even trying, thinking that his sheeple will back him up. But even his most ardent ass-kissers in the House GOP will have a hard time explaining why Trump is justified in firing someone who sought to get him on the record and settle this once and for all. And anyone who justifies firing the prosecutor after rejecting an interview request is clearly endorsing obstruction of justice.

After all, if Trump really is innocent and didn't collude, why would he refuse an interview request?

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