Tuesday :: Jan 16, 2018

Graham Wants Trump to Stop the BS

by Deacon Blues

Without getting into any further dissections of whether it matters if Trump used the word "shithole" or "shithouse" in racial insults towards African and Haitian peoples, it is clear that Trump is doing whatever he can to energize his deplorable base to stick with him. He is willing to sacrifice the Dreamers to do it.

He and those around him have all but said that his legislative agenda between now and what may be a brutal midterm election will be 1) immigration, 2) infrastructure, and 3) trade. With Lindsey Graham now calling for a return to a possible DACA compromise, and Democrats continuing to insist that any government funding bill be tied to a DACA fix, is there room here for such a compromise?

Trump wants: To stoke up his base and keep blaming others for his own failings and dereliction of duty. His rants about blaming Democrats for any government shutdown and failure of a DACA deal are lies and limp attempts to direct heat away from the GOP's total control of the government and inability to do anything except make rich people richer. Stephen Miller has convinced Trump that he needs his base to stay angry all the way to November, which means no immigration or DACA deal and no waffling on NAFTA. Democrats need to take this into account.

Democrats want: To help the Dreamers and get a DACA deal done while keeping the pressure on Trump and his minions in the Congress to govern, knowing that the House GOP caucus hates government. What Democrats need to do is lay out some clear principles and essentials in any deal and stick to those calmly and consistently.

May I suggest the following Democratic essentials and talking points?
1. Trump and the GOP are responsible if the government shuts down; they control both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.
2. If Trump and the GOP leadership fail to keep the government from closing, we need a new Congress next year.
3. There must be a DACA deal as part of any government funding deal; no more demonization of brown people.
4. Democrats should be willing to fund a down payment on a border wall as part of a bipartisan border security plan.
5. Democrats will insist upon an infrastructure plan focused on real jobs and not more corporate tax breaks.
6. A new Democratic Congress in 2019 will pass real tax reform for working families and repeal the GOP's tax cut for themselves.
7. A new Democratic Congress will fix Obamacare and not take away healthcare from millions of Americans.
8. A new Democratic Congress will actually drain Trump's swamp and stop him from enriching himself while in office.

Talking Russia all the time is not a recipe for Democratic success in 2018. A focus on kitchen table issues, and restoring our honor in the world can be.

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