Saturday :: Jan 20, 2018

Schumer Blew It

by Steve

There’ll be no histrionics from me about the “Trump shutdown” or the “Schumer Shutdown”. Plain and simple, Chuck Schumer blew it last night. He’s now allowed the White House, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan to seize the narrative and control several news cycles with a false message. And it could all have been avoided.

Right before the final vote was recorded, just as the Clerk of the Senate asked if there were any senators who wanted to change their votes, Schumer should have allowed all of his red and purple state Democratic senators to change their votes and push the Continuing Resolution over the top. They would have been spared any 2018 electoral damage, and it would have given the GOP a false sense of disarray in the Democratic ranks, which would come in handy when the Democrats employed their full leverage over the GOP next month when the White House and McConnell could have been destroyed for taking the country into a shutdown over any refusal to protect the Dreamers and fix immigration. The Democrats could have taken that message into the midterms and destroyed the GOP.

Instead, Schumer was maneuvered into throwing 9 million CHIP kids overboard this month on a futile effort to get DACA fixed now when it didn’t have to be fixed until next month. In other words, Schumer and the Democratic caucus once again chose identity politics to chase the Latino vote over kitchen table issues for working class voters across the country. It was the wrong call. The Democrats should have allowed the CR to pass, pocketed the CHIP 6-year authorization and taken it off the table, and immediately begun messaging that they were subjected to a “hostage taking” by McConnell and Ryan, whereby they were forced to choose between CHIP and the military versus the Dreamers, after months of GOP broken promises over DACA. The message could have been hammered day in and day out over the next 30 days so that the next vote would have been a choice between upholding promises and keeping the government open, and shutting it down over pure racism. Clean and simple. And yet Schumer let it get away.

A CNN poll shows that voters weren't willing to shut down the government now over DACA, but a 30-day effort to pressure and leverage the White House and congressional GOP leaders by name for their broken promises would have changed the power dynamic, especially with suburban and independent voters, who are critical to the Democrats’ hopes this November.

Schumer and Durbin blew this, and they and Pelosi need to go. Since none of them will leave, Democrats will fail this fall due to their own self-inflicted wounds.

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