Sunday :: Jan 21, 2018

Take McConnell's Deal, Chuck

by Deacon Blues

Late today, after the Senate GOP's Number Two John Cornyn of Texas rejected a bipartisan effort by moderates of both parties to reopen the government, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made an offer on the Senate floor to Senate Democrats: Agree to a Continuing Resolution up to February 8th, and if we cannot reach agreement on a DACA fix and broader immigration reforms by then, I will "intend" to schedule a separate vote and debate on both DACA and immigration.

For understandable reasons, Democrats are skeptical at the least of accepting any proposal from McConnell, who has broken every commitment and promise he's made on DACA. However, I think Chuck Schumer should take the deal for a number of reasons:
1. It eliminates the GOP narrative that the Democrats closed the government and hurt kids and the military over the Dreamers;
2. It puts the onus on McConnell to work with the White House in a futile mission of getting something past Stephen Miller that Trump would sign;
3. It creates three weeks of a focused spotlight back on Trump and the GOP over immigration, especially with the State of the Union coming;
4. Trump and Senate GOP neanderthals can be counted on to show their worst racist impulses during that time; and
5. If McConnell comes through, great, and if not, Democrats can make a stronger case next time to close the government after GOP inaction.

The key thing right now is for Democrats to get the monkey off their backs for the government shutdown. McConnell is giving them that chance, and a free shot over the next three weeks to focus the heat directly at the White House and Senate Republicans, where they are likely to break a commitment once again. Except this time, the Democrats can set the narrative to their advantage in the run-up to the next shutdown.

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